Thursday, October 27, 2011


So, I may have been pregnant and I may have miscarried (and/or still in the process of miscarrying).

My blood tests came back negative for what they thought the bleeding was (low progesterone) and the RE called today and said that it's looking like an early pregnancy loss...

I got my period on October 12th, twelve days after our IUI. He said that that would in fact have been my period, and that somehow I managed to hold on to the pregnancy through that, and I'm just losing it now. At 6 weeks.

More tests done today, and I'll know for sure tomorrow. I'm more confused than upset. I've heard of women getting their periods throughout their pregnancies, but it just never crossed my mind as a possibility for me. So, when I got my period, I figured that was done and we'd focus on next month. And I had a few glasses of wine and didn't really look after myself that well when I was away. Had I known I was pregnant, it would have been quite a different vacation. I guess it's a good lesson to continue to take care of yourself, no matter what.

I'm just so confused... wouldn't my OPKs have been positive if I was pregnant? I never got the opportunity to take a HPT, considering I was menstruating.

And I'm still bleeding. Lighter today, but still enough to change my pad twice already.

Oy. I think I'm in a bit of shock.


  1. Didn't they measure the HCG in your blood? If you were pregnant and just miscarrying now, it would definitely still be in your bloodstream. Anyway, i'm sorry to hear this, no matter what the cause.

  2. Did you pass anything that looked like clumps of cells? It sounds like they might have to do a D and C to clean everything out. So sorry this happened.

  3. Blood tests came back with no HCG in blood... I just saw the results online, so not sure what they'd mean, but hopefully will talk to my RE or a nurse tomorrow to have them explain.

    It definitely doesn't look/feel like period blood. Yes, some clotting, but very brown blood. I don't know...

  4. I believe OPKs and home pregnancy tests measure different hormones, but it's been years since I was TTC. Regardless, I'm sorry this wasn't THE cycle for you.

  5. im sorry to hear about all of this confusion, i hope you are able to get some satisfactory answers from your RE today. thinking of you.

  6. Oh my goodness. So sorry to hear this - I echo the above and hope that you get some answers today. xoxo