Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Heating Back Up

It looks like we're going to be IUI-ing this week, thank god. The wait has not been fun. I'm CD14 right now, no positive OPKs yet, but I'm going in for an ultrasound tomorrow morning. I wish I could feel comfortable just waiting for a positive OPK and then make an appointment for the IUI the next day, but I just want to be sure. I think it threw me off that for my first IUI, I ovulated on CD13 and then the next month, I didn't get a positive but took a trigger shot at CD17 - it's a big difference, and I just want to make sure everything is hunky dory and that I don't miss it.

This is also my first cycle with Clomid, so I'd like to know what I'm up against. Are there five decent mature follicles or is there one perfect one? How many follicles does there have to be in order for an RE to cancel an IUI because of too many eggs? Nothing to worry about, but of course it's on my mind.

The Clomid has been interesting. A little taste of how it's affecting me? I woke up on Saturday and decided to make an omelette. I cut up an onion and a pepper and then went into the fridge for eggs and realized that there were none. And I almost punched a hole through the wall with how angry it made me. Devon came in and put up her hands as targets and told me to punch her to get it out of me (bless her) and I refused to hit. So she called me a pussy. And then I cried. Awesome.

Luckily, for the most part, I've been able to laugh at myself. I've also been sleeping naked (which I always do) but with the covers completely off and no heat on in the room. It's Canada. It's cold. It's around the freezing mark and I'm boiling.

We've decided to go with donor #1 instead of spending all the money on a new donor. If we get pregnant this round, fantastic! If not, we will change donors and go from there. We still love our #1 guy though, despite my naturopath's "warning".

I just want to do it now, now, now! Damn this whole woman and nature thing...


  1. I know this is frustrating for you but your sense of humor and also your perseverance is fabulous. I know this is going to happen for you and Devon. Let us know.

  2. I feel you on the frustration of shifting O days. Mine was 14 or 15 for a couple months and then went all the way to day 20 - I ran out of opks I was testing so much! Good luck this cycle, will be hoping that go time is soon enough!

  3. Holy Clo.mid rollercoaster, sweets!!! Sounds like you're surviving, with the added bonus of insem'ing this week to (attempt to) make all this hormonal hoopla worth it, eh (yes, my ode to you, my Canadian friend) :) <---- That was an effort to make you laugh! PS, I love that Devon called you a pussy for not punching her hands. If it makes you feel any better, I wouldn't have done it either...punching an open palm would HURT! :) xox Good luck this week!

  4. Ah the joys of Clomid! Your omelette experience made me smile because I was such a raving lunatic when I was on Clomid!

    Here's crossing my fingers for you!!