Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A Mid-2WW Check-in

Not a lot to report on the symptoms front. Meaning, there are none. I thought I had a few drops of implantation yesterday (5dpo), but it wasn't clear and it seemed a little bit early. My boobs aren't sore, I'm not cramping, I'm not really feeling anything out of the ordinary... but I keep telling myself that the last time I got pregnant (and didn't know I was), I didn't feel a single thing until I lost it. 

I've remained pretty positive, as has Devon. She is super cute. She was at her office working 'til about 10:30 last night and when she came home, she kissed me in bed - I was half asleep - to let me know that she loves me and the baby. I like that.

I'm fighting off a cold which is knocking the wind out of me, so I'm generally not feeling well. I'm feeling the pressure of getting some work projects done before Christmas and my vacation in January. But I have to say, I love December - and the holidays in general. It's taken a long time for me to feel as though I'm able to celebrate them again. Devon has not been a fan of this time of year since essentially her entire family died, which I understand. It's just tough to not celebrate something that really was so special to me growing up. She's gotten better, now that we spend it with my family, and I imagine it will be completely different when we have a baby to celebrate with (hopefully by next Christmas).

I'm trying to decide when I want to test.  I'm trying to hold out until 13dpo (exactly a week from now), but I don't know if that's feasible. Probably smart though. When did/do YOU test?


  1. Holding you in the light and I say wait until 13 days.

  2. It's definitely still early to have symptoms, so no worries on that front! I tested on 13 dpo this past time... To me, it's late enough that you can be fairly confident of the results, which stinks if it is negative but I definitely hated the month I tested super early and got four or five negatives.

  3. I don't think we got a postive test until 14 or 15 dpo. But S started testing at like 6dpo and tested every day after that. So I'd say wait but if you do test before 13 or 14 dpo, don't give up hope! Fingers crossed for you!

  4. How exciting! Good luck and I'm thinking happy thoughts!

  5. We tested at 9 dpo and it wasn't positive until two days later. Hold on! We're thinking Of you!