Tuesday, February 21, 2012

IUI Tomorrow: Contenders Ready!

So we are back at another mid-cycle and are ready to try again.

Things have been pretty normal, I guess. I am back on Clomid this round. Today is CD14 and I hadn't tested positive with the OPKs so asked to go in to check where I was at (I ovulate anywhere between CD12 and CD17).

One of the docs started the u/s on the left side, where there were four follicles - one of which was decently sized (25"). So I was happy. Then she moved to my right and I had two more mature follicles at 24" and 26". I freaked out a little bit, but was told, considering my uterine lining is not thick (thanks to the Clomid), my chances of triplets are few and far between. Anyone had more than three or four contenders and ended up with one baby? Please??

My RE gave me a script for Ovidrel and I walked to the pharmacy before heading back to a bathroom stall at work to inject it. I was kind of rushing because I'd already missed a bit of work and had some deadlines. As I was pulling off the top of the cap, I slipped and stabbed myself in the hand with the needle. Holy crap, there was a lot of blood. The needle bent and I was terrified that it wouldn't work, but managed to get the majority of it into my tummy fat. Once the needle was out, I spent 5 minutes trying to clean up the bathroom. If people knew how sexy this lesbian baby-making thing was, they'd be blown away.

Work today was horrible and I realized as I left early that I'm not doing well there right now. My colleague has four days left before her mat leave starts and we haven't even started interviewing for a replacement. Ergo ipso facto, my work is going to double starting next week. It's year-end and my manager wants me to spend $30k on a project that I don't believe in (extensive "band-aid solution" changes to our website, when we can get a really nice brand new one for $30k) and needs all sorts of quotes, documentation and plans to present to the president this week. I was feeling quick sick (nauseous, crampy, sweaty, chest pain) today and because I was planning on calling in sick tomorrow, I did something I never do and told her needed to go home, right before a big one-on-one meeting about these projects. I don't want to deal with the stress right before/after a possible conception tomorrow and I knew that after this afternoon's meeting, my work load would be impossible and I would feel extra guilty for not coming in tomorrow. Like I don't have guilt right now.

After physically leaving the office, my heartbeat returned to normal, I stopped sweating, my nausea went away and I began to feel much better. I think work stress is affecting me far more than I realize. Unfortunately, I don't know how I can change that. It's going to be a shit show when I return on Thursday, but I can't let my head go there right now.

We're really excited for tomorrow and feel good about this IUI.

If we get pregnant this cycle, our baby will be due exactly 9 months and 3 days after our new nephew, my brother's baby, who was born on Sunday. He's gorgeous. He brings the count to 3 nieces and 3 nephews, so I am feeling rather balanced and blessed.


  1. Wishing you a ton of luck and fingers crossed for conception tomorrow!!

    I'm sorry to hear about all the anxiety you're feeling at work. I've been there, and it's awful. I hope it lets up soon. Take it easy on yourself.

  2. Breathe and don't worry about work. One is allowed to leave early. They are going to be short a person so they will not get rid of you if you have to take a day here or there. I am holding you in the light tomorrow for insemination. Swim sperm swim.

  3. I just recently found your blog and am SO grateful for it. My partner and I are also crazy lesbian wanna-be moms:) We are trying to get pregnant and I have done 3 natural cycle IUIs sofar with no luck. They recently recommended "upping the ante" and trying an enhanced cycle with u/sound, Clomid, and progesterone. I'm nervous, but all my tests so far (u/s, labs) indicate that I have no fertility issues and should be able to get pregnant. The process is hard. The 2ww's are harder. The money of it is a major stressor for us. And yet, I am so happy and hopeful. Thanks for sharing and gobs and gobs of baby dust to you... --Shauna

  4. Cheers to self care :) I'm proud of you for leaving early. Try not to feel guilty. I wish you luck on your upcoming IUI

  5. Happy day today!!! Sending you happy, joyous vibes that this is it! (and, good for you that you left work. Your mental (physical, emotional!) health is of the utmost importance ... TTC or not!)