Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Today's IUI

Today's IUI was okay. Actually, it was incredibly painful. More than any other IUI I've had before. We've had one of two nurses for all of our IUIs and one somehow makes it painless, and the other - the one we had today - does not have that ability. I was a little sad when I saw her walk into the room (she is awesome otherwise).

The nurse had trouble "finding" where to put the syringe today, so after a while of her inserting things into me, I had to prop my butt up on my hands so that she had a better view. Everything was uncomfortable. The nurse always warns me that I'm going to feel pressure, but it's more than just pressure. Devon asked me what it felt like and the only way I could really describe it was that it feels like an electric shock right in my core. I guess it's the nerve endings...? Anyone? Bueller?

At least it is over relatively quickly, though today with the hiding uterus, it was longer than usual. I have bled quite a lot since this morning. There is still blood when I wipe (sorry, TMI). It's tough because I so want to be "in the moment" during the IUIs, and to look into Devon's eyes as it is happening, but all I could do today was shut my eyes super tight and squeeze the hell out of Devon's hand. I have a very high pain tolerance, so this is all a bit surprising to me. 

As the nurse (who we haven't seen since November) walked in the room, she said, "What are you guys still doing here, you should be pregnant by now!" It was meant to be lighthearted and funny, but it felt like a bit of a burn. She did follow it up with a "well, today's going to be the one," so that is what I chose to focus on. She's actually incredibly supportive and lovely and jokes around with us quite a bit, so I got over myself pretty fast.

I've taken the day off and have managed to rest, without even checking my work email, all day. It's lovely. Devon and I were supposed to go and see our new nephew today (Dev has yet to meet him), but I got a text from my brother that they were at the hospital with him. He has yet to keep down any food. He's had nothing to eat in his three short days on earth. They are running some tests now. Poor thing. He'll be fine, but it's scary. 

Instead, tonight we will continue to build our vision board. We wanted to have some visual aids to inspire us and remind us of our dreams, so I did it the new media way and made some pregnancy and newborn boards on Pintrest. Cutest newborn pics ever. 

So another 2WW begins..........


  1. wow, that was absolutely the wrong thing for the nurse to say to you both. Sorry the IUI was so unpleasant. Hopefully this IS the one after all that. Fingers crossed for you.

  2. i hate the jokes that are hard to take as jokes. i think people forget how hard we take things like that when it is such an emotional process. hoping today was your last time with the iuis!

  3. Maybe you need to request the other nurse. I find it hard to believe she can't find the spot. This would make me crazy. Hope she found it and this one takes. How many eggs were great ones?

  4. I'm sorry to hear the IUI was so unpleasant this time around. I hope it takes! My thoughts are with you during the 2WW. Fingers and toes all crossed!

  5. Here's hoping that a shitty experience ends up with a reason to smile in say 12 days or so :)

  6. one of the reasons i switched REs is because one of the doctors at my first office scratched my cervix and i bled after my last IUI. it pissed me off, even more because in his follow-up notes to my doc he wrote that it was an issue with my anatomy. even my absented-minded first RE was surprised by that.

    the IUIs were hard enough for me without the incompetence although the RE who eventually got us pregnant always somehow knew how to use the speculum so that it didn't hurt.

    oh, and yoga breathing helped me a lot.

    anyways, fingers crossed that this will be it for you until ttc #2!