Saturday, March 31, 2012

Even Fertility Friend is Confused...

For those who are unfamiliar, the yellow is luteal phase, the red is your period, and the green represents your most fertile days - with the egg icon being your expected day that ovulation will take place. 

Usually, I have three green boxes, max. And all in a row. I'm on CD22 and have yet to test positive on the OPKs, and yet again this week (like last), I had EWCM like I've never had before. For the second time more than a week apart, my cervix positioning was high and open. Apparently, I was very sperm ready. But my OPKs said otherwise. My period is expected in a week.

Again, I suppose if I'm going to have ovulation problems, this month is a good one to have them, now that the cycle is a wash. But it concerns me a little bit, especially now that, in retrospect, I think this same thing happened in January when we had to skip a cycle (I thought I'd just missed ovulation, so I gave up testing after CD18). 

So what's more accurate? Computer technology or a finger up the vagina?

I don't have an update yet on the clinic situation and whether we'll be able to do April's IUI there or whether we'll have to make other arrangements, but I'll find out on Monday. I plan to call the program director for an update and then my RE to speak with him about this cycle, and also tell him whether I choose Clomid or Femera... which I've yet to decide, though I'm leaning towards the latter. My thinking kind of follows X's, who is on "team if-one-thing-isn't-working-it's-time-to-try-something-else". Thank you too for mentioning that blog - I had a look.

I think I'm going to start temping again, and hope I'm more consistent this time around. It's really the only way to guarantee when you ovulate, if you do it correctly. I feel like I need to get back in touch with my cycle. That said, I'm blessed with modern technology that can tell me a lot more than I can tell on my own.

Just wanting this cycle to be over already, so we can get going again...


  1. I know this is totally the question of a novice but why temp if you can do the weeing on a stick test - we've got one of those wee on a stick electronic clear blue thing which I haven't used yet but pressumed it would be a lazy way to test ovulation?

    It's one of those ones that you use throughout the month that tracks your cycle I think...

  2. Hey there... we do use ovulation predictor test, which are pee tests, but aren't necessarily 100% accurate (we've had trouble with them before). I haven't bought the clear blue fertility monitor just because of the price and the fact that on most months, we have ultrasounds to give a better idea, but if the problems continue, maybe we'll splurge.

  3. Thanks, that's good to know. My mother bought us one(she's very very keen on us having a baby!)

  4. I believe you're in the same city as us, in which case Hannam does cycle monitoring (blood work and ultrasounds) for just $40/month. It takes out the guesswork, which is nice, IMO. Just a suggestion.

  5. Can you just stop testing on your own and just let the doc do ultrasounds and when you have mature eggs inseminate. Is that even a possibility? I think you are making your cycles become weird because you are so consumed with it. If you had a male partner you would just do it every other day in the middle of your cycle. I sure wish they could just help you decide when to inseminate so you have to do nothing. Am I way off base here? I am so frustrated for you with the calendar and the colors and all the phrasing and the planning and plotting. I don't want you to go crazy (not literally :)) of course.

  6. It's so hard to know what to do! It is possible for your body to gear up for ovulation and then not ovulate and then actually ovulate later. What seemed to matter a lot is that ou have a somewhat consistent luteal phase after you know ovulation has occurred.

    Temping will tell you with some certainty if you are a person for whom temping seems to work. It did work fairly well for me but it was best after several months so that I could see my own patterns and could sometimes roll my eyes at ff. one odd thing was that every other month for over sx months, I had significantly more erratic temperatures... neither the RE nor my regular endocrinologist could explain it.

    I think a combination of techniques seem to be most effective; of course ff only uses what you give it plus its funky algorithm and it's possible that in two days, it will be saying something else.

  7. Lex this just made me laugh out loud. What in the world is this? LOL