Monday, March 5, 2012

I rarely test early, but...

I got very antsy this weekend. Especially as the "symptoms" I was feeling late last week seem to have ceased. So I tested on Saturday, which was 10 DPO. The test was stark white and definitely negative. 

As soon as I saw it, I wondered why the hell I'd tested, when I knew that a negative would just be a kick in the ribs, but even Devon (who is usually very against testing early) really, really wanted me to test. I am trying to tell myself that it was too early (which it was) and that the test was wrong (or at least my beta was too low to show up). 

Regardless, I will not be testing until Wednesday morning with a blood test. I'll probably use an HPT that morning so I am not waiting all day to find out the results. But we'll see. I had some cramps this morning which felt like period cramps. My period is due tomorrow, so maybe I'll find out sooner than Wednesday. I hope not.


  1. I'm sorry it was neg. :( Retest in a few days. :) Sending baby dust your way.

  2. Don't test early. Be excited or sad only once.

  3. Sending a truck load of baby dust your way

  4. Boo for testing early (except I've totally been there and would have probably done the same thing!) ... I'm hoping that the lack of posts means that a (wonderful!) blood test is on the way.