Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Waiting for the Big O

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I love how trying to have a baby has taken all the fun out of the REAL "big O," though being a lesbian, I've never put "orgasm" and "pregnant" in the same sentence. Though some say an orgasm can help conception, there are many streams of thought that suggest the theory has been debunked.

Devon and I have joked about "finishing off" the IUI treatment after the nurse leaves the room, but have never gone there. I'm sure some people do. Our clinic is in an old hospital with paper thin walls, and though we have been known to be a bit risky with our (public) sex life, it always just feels really silly.

Anyway, enough with the double entendres. I'm waiting to ovulate. We're on our final round of Clomid and I'm on CD11. [TMI alert] The last few months with Clomid, I have felt incredibly uncomfortable and very dry. For some reason this month, I am the exact opposite. I actually had EWCM - like I've never had before - on day 10 yesterday, which totally confused me. OPK was negative and I'll go for an ultrasound on Friday, if I don't get a positive until then. So it's just the waiting game again.

I'm still sitting with this IVF decision and unfortunately, Devon and I haven't spent enough of a day together since our appointment to talk about it. We did have a day together this weekend, but it was my birthday and I don't think either of us wanted to make the day heavy. Devon has been incredibly busy with her "hobby" that keeps her out of the house three nights a week, and both of our jobs are too much right now (my boss still hasn't found a mat leave replacement for my colleague that left three weeks ago).

We have also been working incredibly hard at home, and I'm happy to say that our condo goes on the market tomorrow. We listed at a price that, if we sell for asking price, we'll be able to pay off a lot of our debts and a lot of the money stress will be taken care of. Here's hoping. Our place is awesome; it's just not where we want to be.

I don't know how to feel about this next IUI. Obviously, I want it to work, but I think I've finally got to the point where I think it probably won't, but it would be nice if it did. I HATE that I'm there. Maybe that will change and I can jump back on the PUPO bandwagon next week.

It looks like Saturday or Sunday will be our day, if history repeats itself. I'm excited, and I'll try to hold on tight to the excitement to try to generate some positivity.

P.S. I was overwhelmed with the comments on my last post and thank you so much for your words. I wanted to address them in a full post, but know they were very much appreciated!


  1. I am always holding you in the light. I know this is so difficult to go through each month but I really feel your time is coming. Also, what is Devon's "hobby" ? Did I miss this on another blog?

  2. Dunno if this is TMI, but I remember watching some Discovery channel documentary on sex several years back. They showed everything that happens on the inside when women orgasm, and what helped with getting pregnant "the old fashioned way" was that when a woman O'd, her cervix would dip down lower and suck up more of the semen that was present. If you're having an IUI done, all of it is already way up in your uterus, so logically it doesn't seem like an orgasm would help the situation. Anyway, just thought I'd share :) Hope you were able to enjoy your birthday.

  3. I was going to say the same thing that Strawberry said...so let me think of something different.....ummm.


    I hope that you can keep the hope alive.

  4. We never did any funny business at the dr's office, either. Too weird for me. Congrats on getting your condo listed! Hopefully you'll have a whole string of good news really soon! :)

  5. fingers crossed for you. im keeping the hope alive!

  6. Good luck on selling the condo and the next IUI! You can do it!!!