Friday, May 11, 2012

Still pregnant

Thank you all so much for your comments about the worry worry worry... it's so good to know I'm not alone and that it isn't a weakness to think this way. It is indeed out of my control and I can only do the healthy things I can control (food, etc.) so that if (and WHEN!) this embryo decides to stick around for the next 8 months, he'll be healthy and I can know that I did what I could.

I finally went to see a doctor today about this persistent chest cough/cold. For the last 10 days, I've capped out at about 4 hours sleep before I wake up coughing and can't go back to sleep. I've been off work for 4 days, and really need to go back on Monday. I've struggled with bronchitis before (kids - don't smoke... even 6 years after you quit, it still affects you!) and I always have a tough time getting rid of coughs. 

This visit affirmed that I will be switching doctors, probably forever, but definitely for this pregnancy. I see two doctors at this clinic and when I was dealing with three years of chronic pain where I couldn't walk more than a block a day, I had to literally beg to get a referral to an orthopedic surgeon, and then for a neurologist, and then again for a rheumatologist, and so on... the whole experience made me never want to go back, so until now, I've been making use of walk-in clinics. It's really tough to find a family doctor in this city.

Firstly, today, this doctor changed her mind 4 times. At first, it was just a cold. And then it was bronchitis. And then it was whooping cough (!). And then it was bronchitis again. She had to take a swab of the back of my throat but by going through my nose. Disgusting.

Anyway, I left with a prescription for an antibiotic, which when each time I asked if it was safe in pregnancy (about 4 times), my doctor said yes. I would not normally want to take an antibiotic, but I'm honestly at the end of my rope right now and something has got to give. So, I took it to the pharmacy in the building and "double checked" with the pharmacist that it was safe in pregnancy and he said, "I wouldn't take the risk." Apparently there isn't much research on humans yet and there is evidence of miscarriages and malformations in animals.

Really?? How is it okay that this doctor just prescribes this shit? I bet a lot of people don't even bother to double check. So I told the pharmacist I wouldn't fill the prescription and now, after wasting the better part of my day in a doctor's office, I'm back at square one. I've been taken the original Buckley's, which she says is okay, but not like I'm going to trust her now, plus it's making me nauseous. Fisherman's Friends are really my best friends, though I've had about enough of those too. I just spent $225 on the way home on a vaporizer, but the filter has to soak for 24 hours prior to use.

Any remedies out there that work for you?



  1. It's so hard to know who to trust, but it is definitely important to be able to trust. Hope you feel better soon.

  2. Its so hard to trust that your little one will stick around, i think its something a lot of people struggle with. But eventually you realise he/she is here to stay and then the bonding begins :)
    You definitely need a new doctor, that is disgusting!! My doc printed out an information sheet when I was nervous about taking medication. Also the pharmacist might be able to help?

  3. I know how hard it is to find a good family Doctor, here in Dublin it's the same there are so may walk in clinics and every time there is a different Doctor attending you and they all end up giving you painkillers or antibiotics.
    When my parent was pregnant she had a very bad flu but she refused to take anything, not even paracetamol, it was the first trimester and she just wasn't comfortable taking any drugs. I don't what I would do, I ofter get very bad cough myself and even if it seems to last forever at some point I realize it's gone!

    Congratulations again for your pregnancy!

  4. ops, I wanted to write patner! Not parent! eheheh!