Monday, June 25, 2012

I'm not used to "normal"

I got six vials of blood taken from me today for tests to go to my midwife. And a urine test. I think it's hilarious that although I got the same blood work done three days before the IUI that got me pregnant, I have to prove to the hospital that I am giving birth at that I did not contract a sexually transmitted infection during the conception.

I know it would be silly to expect an exception, but I feel like explaining how frozen sperm is pretty much free of all disease (except TB, according to our stream-of-conscious nurse) and that there is no way I obtained an STI during my time in the pristine clean doctor's office, but there are some fights that are totally not worth fighting. I'll take the bruise in my elbow crease, the lightheadedness and the half-hour-late-for-work in stride, like the straight folk would.

I'm still waiting on my urine results, but all of the other test results have come back normal (iron, hematology report, thyroid, etc.). I keep getting surprise every time something comes back NORMAL. I guess I just haven't expected it. I think I may just have to get into the head space that there is a possibility that all of this could go better than expected. That my choice to treat my depression and anxiety with medication during pregnancy will outweigh the risks to BoomBoom. Like the doctors told me it would.

I know I have a long way to go, and I know we've barely even started. I know I only have a heartbeat and a 4-week-old ultrasound to go off for now, but I think everything is going to be okay. For now, everything is okay.


  1. Okay is great and so is normal. Think of all the things idiots do and have remarkably healthy babies. Yours is so well monitored- your daughter will be well and happy. Yes, I know it is a girl.

  2. It's mad isn't it - am undergoing fertility treatment also and I feel like I have given away half my blood to tests! Learned all about new viruses I didn't even know existed - mad to think that the general population just go ahead and 'do it' without millions of check ups and tests!

  3. Congratulations! My partner and I just had our daughter 4 months ago and I am so excited I stumbled onto your blog. Now, I can watch someone else go through what I did only a short year ago! I am so happy for you :)