Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Throwing up in the kitchen sink

Oy oy oy...

I am glad today is (almost) over. We had a big event at work today that I planned and managed. It was a building opening with government officials and lots of VIPs and a lot of money and a lot of high stakes. Despite having to deal with a very inadequate new colleague, the event was a success. I've been holding it together for the past two and a half weeks of long hours and on-my-feet-all-the-time days and stress and now, I can finally relax. Kind of.

All is going pretty well on the pregnancy front, I think. The stress has been a bit tough and I'm feeling really tired and a bit down, which I know is just me being over-doing it. Yesterday, on the penultimate day, I woke up early to get to work early and ended up having to stay home for half an hour longer than planned because I was throwing up violently in the kitchen sink.

Yup, morning sickness may have been late, but I guess it's officially here. I have had waves of nausea through these last weeks, but haven't actually thrown up. In fact, the last time I threw up was when I was 27 (5 years ago) after an awful drunken night that I would rather forget.

I have one more big thing to deal with on Friday, but I hope I can relax this weekend a little bit. Thanks for all of our feedback on the early announcement thing. The piano concert is on Sunday, and we've decided to go for it. We've already told my mum and dad, so it will just be my brothers and their wives, and the kids, that should be surprised. It should be fun.

And then next week..... Devon's 40th birthday!

And then July 1st, we move into our new house, which we've just signed the lease for!

Lots and lots of stuff going on, and I'll go into the house stuff in more detail another time. I'd love the world to slow down for juuuuust a second, but not sure that's going to happen any time soon.


  1. Glad you decided to tell everyone at the concert - I think it's a great idea. And as for the stress, I think it's amazing the way you've managed yourself mentally through everything you've had to contend with so far. And now, even with more potential stress on the horizon with your move, you seem to be still taking it all in your stride even if you would prefer it was more of a stroll than a jog! It's really inspiring :)

  2. Saltine crackers at your bedside. Eat before your get out of bed. It helped me. Can't wait to hear about the new digs and your announcement.

  3. Ugh! I haven't thrown up yet, but I've been feeling super nauseous and tired. I can't brush my teeth without gagging :( I've been feeling kinda down too - I think this is pretty normal for where we're at in our pregnancies. We're going for our first ultrasound this morning! I'm so nervous, I hope everything's ok.

    Now that all your stress is over, get yourself some pampering and rest!!!!

  4. Ugh. Hope that's the worst of it.