Sunday, July 15, 2012

Last few days of 1st trimester

I'm on vacation and it's raining and I don't care...

These past few weeks have been killer. We finally moved (every time I move, I promise I'll never do it again) and though we are thrilled to be living in our new place, we're still mostly living in boxes. Poor Devon has been doing 75% of the work, as my body objected to the going-going-going and I could only do so much. She's been amazing.

We are SO happy to be out of the small-ish town we were living in. Not only does it cut down our 3-hour round trip for commuting every day, but we are back in the melting pot of the big city where we lived for years before thinking it was a smart move to be all grown up and buy our own place. We are back in a colourful world and couldn't be happier. In the five years we lived where we lived, we saw one gay man at the gelato shop... and he was probably just visiting. It was a similar situation with anyone of colour. It's nice to be home.  

With the work of the move, I've been fighting off a sickness and when I woke up on my first day of vacation, my lips were covered in cold sores and my throat was on fire. In the last few nights, I've averaged almost 12 hours of sleep. Bliss. The place we're staying is a 12-hour drive from home and even the drive was relaxing (granted, Devon was driving).

We have no plans for the week except to rejuvenate and reconnect as a couple. With all the chaos, although we've been together a lot, it's hardly been quality time. I suppose it's giving us a taste of what might come in January, and I think that if we figure out how to stay connected now, we may learn a trick or two for when the baby comes and throws our lives back into chaos.

I told my boss this week, and afterwards sent out the obligatory company-wide email. Turns out I couldn't have waited much longer, as I found out that my belly has been a source of some "conversations." Things with my boss went well at first and she was really professional about it. She did curse our department for being so fertile (as both of her staff are now out for the count), but she was very congratulatory and even asked a few questions. So unlike her.

The following day, however, I did get a bit of a passive-aggressive slap when I was talking with her about necessary updates to our website (which I manage) and was told that she couldn't afford to make changes as "we have a mat leave coming up and my budget is extremely affected by it." Oh well. We can't all play nice all the time.

My colleagues were thrilled and it was really nice to see them react, though I wasn't really good with all of the attention. I actually feel a little bit like I did when I came out about 10 years ago: pure relief that everyone knows. I'm definitely popping a little bit (who am I kidding? A lot). I still could look just chunky around the middle, but to anyone who knows me, it's pretty obvious. We've begun to tell a few people, but there are some people we would like to do it in person and don't have the opportunity til the first week of August. By then, I should be able to make the announcement simply by walking into the room.

I'm pretty exclusively in maternity clothes now. Some things are still a bit big, but I'd rather that then trying to squeeze into regular pants. The bump is growing on me (no pun intended) and though I think I'll feel better when I look obviously pregnant, I'm getting better at accepting my new look. I had no idea it would be this hard. I thought I would love it all from the very beginning, but I honestly didn't expect to be this big this fast.

We'll be 14-weeks pregnant on Tuesday. Though many sources say different things about the second semester, I will start counting Tuesday as the start of the second. That's pretty cool.

Now that I'm on vacation for the week, I'm looking forward to catching up on everyone's blogs and putting a little more effort into this wee blog of mine too. When I'm not celebrating my 5th wedding anniversary, that is :) 


  1. Happy Anniversary. There are belly bands that expand the waistline of your regular clothes. Check them out at Target. SO glad all is well.

  2. Sounds like you are lucky to have Devon! Congrats on making it out of the first trimester :)

  3. Glad you're on the other side of the move and you sound so much happier where you are now. Happy 2nd trimester!

  4. I enjoy reading your blog so much. So much of your experiences are the same as mine were in those first few months. Thanks so much for sharing your stories.