Saturday, July 28, 2012

No, it's not twins, thank you very much

We had another midwifery appointment on Thursday, which always make me feel better. We heard the heartbeat again (150 bpm). I was giggling so much that the midwife had to stop for a bit to have me calm down. The doppler picked up lots of scratchy sounds and she said that was the baby moving and doing flips. It is truly one of the best sounds in the universe. And it always makes me relax a bit and realize that although I don't know much about him/her, BoomBoom has a good, strong heartbeat. That's got to count for a lot.

I did bring up my weight and size with the midwife. Everyone keeps asking me if I'm *sure* I'm not having twins, which is maddening. I usually just answer (depending on the person) "no, I'm just fat, but thanks for noticing", which usually shuts them up. But not always.

I've gained well over ten pounds already and on my 5'3" frame, it is extremely noticeable. I've gained it all in my belly, so going from a slim(ish) 128 lbs to 142+ in a matter of weeks has been some cause for concern... I thought. All of the books say to try to keep the weight gain in the first trimester to 1-3 pounds, so I've been feeling like a fat pig.

I've definitely been eating more, but I'm certainly not pigging out and my diet is pretty healthy (could be better, but I'm generally happy with it). When I brought it up with the midwife, she told me to ignore all the books. They don't generally worry about weight gain as much as a good diet, and each woman puts on weight at different times in the pregnancy (most in the 2nd trimester, with some exceptions, obviously). I'm happening to get a lot of it over and done with early. I'm just hoping the weight gain doesn't keep up at this pace.

I haven't had body issues like this since my teens, and it's a little sad that after years of dreaming about a baby bump, I'm not welcoming mine as I should be. I'm feeling a bit better about it now that I'm open about the pregnancy, but I still have a little bit to go to be completely comfortable with it.

The midwife also measured my uterus and it's clocking in around normal for 14 weeks, so I'm close to being on target that way. It's sitting directly below my belly button, and I've still yet to really pop, despite the big belly. The top of my bump is squishy and all intestines, but BoomBoom is certainly making his/her way to the surface. I can't wait to feel the babe!

In other news, Devon won a competition lately that has her competing at an international level the first week of November. Competition is in Colorado and I would love nothing more than to go, but I'm struggling. I trust everything will be fine, but insurance will not cover the birth after 25 weeks, when baby would viable, so we would be taking a risk. Stories like this one freak me out. It's a 6-hour international flight and there's a children's hospital there, but I don't want to spend months in a NICU in a country that's not my own. But it's an opportunity of a lifetime for Devon and I want to be there to support (btw, she's totally okay with me staying home if it's the right decision).

I'd love to hear from others how late in your pregnancy you flew. I know it's generally considered safe prior to 36 weeks, but is it worth the risk...? I'll obviously see what my midwife says closer to the time, but if we don't want to pay an arm and a leg for the flight, we kind of need to decide pretty soon.


  1. I'm right at 16 weeks today, and I've gained about 12 lbs. I also feel like a fat pig! People keep saying: "Awww, look at your little belly!" and I want to cry because that's not baby... that's blubber!!!! SIGH. I'm working really hard to keep my weight gain under control in the second trimester.

    Glad to hear all went well at your visit! Our next one isn't until August 10, but then we get to find out the sex of the baby!

    Honestly... I wouldn't worry too much about flying. It's totally fine until you get into the third trimester. I wouldn't even think twice about it, if it were me. I've seen plenty of pregnant women flying. Plus, if you haven't had any signs of a high-risk pregnancy to date, you're even better off. BUT... if it's going to stress you out and cause you anxiety, then it's not worth it. The most important thing is your peace of mind - if you would feel safer staying home, then don't feel bad about doing it! Just follow your gut and do what feels right for you.

  2. I'm 5'2 and was 118lbs to start, at my last appointment (19w) I was up 16lbs. I've gone down a little since then, but even at +16lbs the midwives had no concerns. The one midwife said generally a pound a week is acceptable if you're starting off with a normal BMI. I wasn't super concerned, but my wife only gained about 20lbs in her entire pregnancy, and it's hard not to compare. Anyway, probably not something you need to worry about.

    I probably wouldn't worry about flying either. You can always get cancellation insurance if you're worried something might come up between now and then.

  3. I don't know much about flying pregnant, however if you are able to come to Colorado (especially if you've never been here) you should totally come! I've lived outside of Denver for about 8 years, and it's the most beautiful place I've ever been.

    Colorado is just good for the soul.

  4. I think you should wait until it gets closer and then see how you feel. You will have many opportunities to visit Colorado in your lifetime. As long as Devon is okay do what you feel right about. What is the competition? Kudos to Devon.

  5. I will be 19 weeks on Wednesday and I've only gained about 4 pounds (I think; we'll see Wednesday) in the entire pregnancy. However, I was already about 30 pounds overweight, and I think all my fat is migrating to my torso area!

    I was supposed to make a short trip for work in early October, at which point I would be about 28 weeks. I've decided not to take the trip. However, there were a number of factors that led to this that don't relate to your situation: 1. I didn't want to go in the first place, so this was a good excuse! 2. I would be traveling alone, which makes me nervous while pregnant. 3. I am more concerned about comfort than health at that point, and decided in light of points 1 & 2 it just wasn't worth it.

  6. We took our "babymoon" when Nutella was 6 months pregnant. We didn't want to fly any later than that. Of course, that was still within the US and to a major city, so we weren't worried about medical care if needed. I think it really depends on the person doing the traveling, and how they're feeling, where they're going, etc. But I don't think it's a great idea necessarily to do international travel very late in the game.

    (I just remembered also that Nutella said that's the latest she could do that much walking...we walked a LOT on that trip...because she was starting to have problems retaining water and her feet ended up killing her after regular walks a couple weeks later)

    1. Oy...I missed the part about Colorado. I was thinking overseas lol. Colorado isn't that big a deal as long as you're feeling up for it.

  7. A coworker rubbed my "baby belly" today and let me tell ya, it made me CRINGE. I might look like I've "popped" but it just feels like FAT. I feel like a whale. I'm only 12.5 weeks and already my pants are fitting too tightly. I had to walk around with the button undone all day (thank god for long shirts).

    I know how you're feeling. Try not to be hard on yourself. You're making a human!

  8. I am 18 weeks with twins (!) which means I popped really early and look much further along than I am. I also have belly pudge on top of my baby bump, which adds to the look. People keep telling me I look great, and I have actually lost so much weight from morning sickness and super-high twins pregnancy metabolism that I still weigh about 4 lbs LESS than I did when I got pregnant, but I have to say, all my body issue stuff has been triggered. I, too, thought I would love my bump but am having times when I feel fat or like it looks "weird" with my pudge, or to be so big at only 18 weeks. *sigh* I think we all have to give ourselves a break and remember that this is an amazing gift and our bodies are doing exactly what they are supposed to. :)--Shauna

  9. I vote for flying. If you aren't high-risk and this pregnancy is normal so far, there shouldn't be any harm in it.

  10. I have been trying to respond to several of your post and Blogger wont let me :( I hope that this one goes through.

    I am so excited to read all these updates. It's great :)