Monday, August 13, 2012

Bump molestation!

Thank you all so much for your feedback from my last post. Especially to those who have offered to be a support to Devon - I will pass along all of the info and just knowing what's out there in the blog world makes both of us feel more supported.

I haven't written in a little while, as I've been dealing with my best friend's wedding. I was the maid of honour as well as the emcee. It was an out-of-town deal so it was non-stop for three days. I'm bloody exhausted, but had fun. If it had been just a few days later, there would be NO way I'd fit in my dress; when I took it off on Saturday night, the (thankfully high) waistband had left indentation marks in my skin.

The bride is a 30-year friend and most of the bridesmaids were friends from high school. I didn't realize how much they could annoy me when I am stone-cold sober! Though I don't normally drink much, the one or two glasses of wine I often enjoy with them really helps my mindset. I'm sure the hormones didn't help, but by the end of the weekend, I'd had enough of them, when normally I can't get enough of them. It was nice to see that the other bridesmaid who is (secretly) pregnant was just as annoyed, so I don't feel too bad.

The most horrible thing happened at the reception though. An acquaintance from many years ago was there with her husband, who I met briefly. And by briefly, I mean "Hi, I'm Lex" ... "Hi, I'm Brandon" and then we were on our way. Well, Brandon got insanely drunk very early on in the wedding reception, came up to me on the dance floor and gave me a lingering hug. Not a huge deal. Kinda gross because his lips were on my neck, but whatever - he was drunk, I pushed him off and he went on his way.

But not for long.

He came back with his wife about 20 minutes later and came up to me while I was dancing. He dropped down down on the floor, grabbed my tummy, started rubbing it and kissing it over and over again. I pushed him off and his wife tried to pull him off; she apologized for not being able to control him and again, he left me alone. Not long after, following some drama with the groomsmen, Brandon was sent off in a cab and his wife stayed behind.

I actually like his wife and felt really sorry for her, so I sat with her later and we started talking. Turns out she was very recently pregnant and the baby died when she was five months pregnant. Prior to the pregnancy, she and Brandon had gone through two years of fertility treatments. It just broke my heart.

Here was her husband all over my belly while she's next to him, painfully aware that her belly is empty. While it was extremely uncomfortable for me, I can imagine it hurt her much, much more.

Drunk people suck. 


  1. He owes her big time for his behavior. What a jerk drunk or not.

  2. Oh dear. How awful for both of you.

  3. Holy shit, that's awful...for you, for her, for everyone who witnessed it. Jesus.

  4. Oh my god... I feel so bad for all three of you (yes, even the drunk husband). Clearly his inebriated behavior originated from a place of grief for his lost child, although I know that's no excuse - and I'm sure he feels like an ass and a half now. Ugh. Poor wife! Poor you!


  5. Oh my god that makes my heart ache for that poor woman. Can you imagine? I'm sure he was/is hurting in his own way, too.