Tuesday, September 25, 2012

24 weeks and kicking my wife in the face

24 weeks along today, and belly is growing. I think the rest of me is growing too, unfortunately (mainly my ass and thighs). It's nice to hear from others - especially from the fingers behind All Things Relative - that they too struggle/have struggled with the weight gain. The batteries on my scale died during weigh-in this morning, so I have no idea how much I've gained this week. Maybe I'll take it as a blessing.

I've been a bit frustrated because although I've been feeling BoomBoom for well over a month now, Devon has yet to feel her. It seems every time the baby kicks and I call Devon over, the baby goes into hiding and stays still. Devon is fine with it, but I get frustrated, as I'm desperate to share the experience. Granted, to me, BoomBoom's kicks feel like I have a dying fish in my stomach, flapping it's tail (I know, but it's the most accurate I can come up with).

So last night, I went to bed and was lying with the covers off. I look down when I feel her start to kick, and I can see my skin stretch up and down exactly where I feel it from the inside. I know that most of you know what this feels/looks like, but for those who don't: It's fucking weird. Knowing that it could end any second, I didn't tell Devon to rush in, but did let her know that if her patience was good, she may be able to see the kicks.

Devon eventually came in, and of course, baby goes still. After waiting around for several minutes with no action, she lay her head down on my tummy and almost immediately, BoomBoom gives her a sweeping kick to the face. It was awesome and so funny to watch. Apparently, Devon could hear it really clearly with her ear to my belly. I love this stage and I can't wait until Devon can be more involved in the movements.

Work is kicking my ass, and yet again, I'm sick. I think this is the third or fourth bad cold back-to-back. My boss is not taking anything off my plate because she doesn't have much faith in my colleague, and though I'm getting praised up the yin-yang right now (which has never happened before), it's not helping my work load and is just making me resentful.

Part of me doesn't care, because I'm out of there in 12 weeks, 2 days, 19 hours and 37 minutes (not that I'm counting), but part of me really cares about finishing up projects that I have started and am invested in. I had a meeting with a client today about building her a website and she asked me what the plan was for my replacement... and my boss hasn't even told me what she plans to do about that.

I'm also incredibly distracted and work, and honestly, the things that used to take me a day take me three or four now and though I've tried to work on that, I really can't focus that well. I'm not beating myself up over it, but it does affect things.

Just have to figure out a balance of reading baby product reviews while writing key messages for doctors' speeches.


  1. Doesn't Canada give a huge maternity leave? Like 10 months or something with pay? Amazing for you. Love that Devon felt Boom Boom.

  2. It is awesome. We get 12 months, and because I accrue vacation while I'm gone, it'll end up being about 13 months. Not full pay, but enough to stay home.

    1. Holy cow! I'm really jealous... I only get 6 weeks of paid time. I'm going to take 12, but money is really going to be tight.

      And don't feel bad about the weight gain! I've gained 25 lbs already (I'm 24 weeks too) and I feel like a freaking whale. I keep telling myself that, as long as I don't gain more than 40 total, I can handle it. I've had friends who've gained 70-80, but their weight gain was much higher by this point. You look great so don't beat yourself up too much!

  3. I am totally with you on the part about Devon trying to see or feel the baby kick. The same thing would happen with us. I decided it was because I would talk to call Kim over to check it out. The baby seems to stop moving when I talk. So now, when he's really going at it, I just try to get her attention without talking.

    And it gets better! Just last night (I'm 27 weeks today) we were in bed just watching my belly move -- no feeling required!

    Am also not feeling it at work. My motivation stays at home in the nursery every morning.

  4. our baby-in-utero does the same thing - s/he will be going WILD until i call my partner over to feel, then it's absolute stillness. happens over and over again!

  5. Totally weird watching your stomach move without you. I found hiccups to be really odd, too--I'd start holding my breath until I realized that I wasn't the one with the problem... Glad Devon finally got to feel the kicking! :)