Tuesday, September 18, 2012

See naked pictures of me online

My writing profs always told me to use catchy call-to-action titles. I'm not naked head-to-toe, but I have started a page containing updated photos of my baby bump. I'm happily faceless, as I figured I had enough trouble plastering my naked tummy on the world wide web for all to see. Thank God for anonymity. Here's a sneak preview:

I'm barely halfway through this pregnancy and I've already gained the lower end of the scale of the recommended weight gain for one's entire pregnancy. I'm not sure how to feel about it, as I am eating pretty decently and am trying to be as active as I can. As I've said before, I was small to begin with, so this is all a little foreign. I'm hoping that the weight gain slows down, even though all the books/websites/apps say to get ready for a big growth spurt / weight gain over the next couple of weeks.

I have a question for all of you who have ever changed your blog URL. I'm thinking about switching to Wordpress, though will probably buy a domain and just use Wordpress as my platform. I may even change the title of my blog (and the main URL), because, as I've written about before, this blog name doesn't suit me at all. I also want to get off Blogger, because I'd like to post pictures, but would like the added layer of privacy with the ability to do protected postings.

What I want to know about is whether you had a drop in your readership once you made the switch, and if so, whether people did eventually find you. I will probably do cross-posting for a while, and will make it very apparent on this blog that I've moved, but if people don't update their Google Readers, then I'm kind of shit out of luck. For those who care about search engine rankings, did your switch negatively affect this too? First world problems, I know, but problems I do care about.

Anyhoodle, things are going well. I'm still relishing in this feeling that BoomBoom is healthy and happy. I caved and booked a 10-minute 3D ultrasound for when I'm 26 weeks. We want to double check the gender, considering we never got the money shot, though I'm 99% sure she's a girl. Basically, it's just an excuse to see her again. I feel guilty telling my midwife that we plan on getting a scan, as I know it's not really recommended by health care professionals, but I figure 10 minutes is not going to hurt.

I started prenatal fitness classes last week and after I got over the feeling that everyone was smaller than I was - even the girl who was 32 weeks - it was pretty good. I had my doubts when the first 10 minutes was sitting on a yoga mat in a circle of 10 other women, doing kegal exercises while introducing ourselves ("pretend you are sucking a tampon into the core of your body" / "pull the anus up as close to the baby as possible"), but we did move on to some less awkward "fitness" like strength training and yoga. I'm hoping to meet some other moms in the neighbourhood while trying to sweat a little too.

My rib pain was getting really bad but I went to see an RMT on the weekend, who really helped with some of that. She actually specializes in breast massage (I wasn't sure whether or not to ask for a happy ending), and gave me some literature about it. I'm supposed to tell her next time I see her whether or not it's something I want. I'm open to it... but tell me... do I warn her about the spurts of colostrum that are randomly escaping my breasts these days?

Thank you for all of your feedback on doulas. We are looking into options. Devon feels really strongly about it, so we're going to try to find someone we can afford. Guess we better get on that.

Speaking of.... today marks the first day of my sixth month of pregnancy! Yikes.


  1. Cute belly! The 3D ultrasound is really neat. We hadn't planned on doing one, but one of our ultrasound techs surprised us with it. Nothing to feel guilty about :) Oh, and the colostrum thing...normal. Just wait until after you give birth and you're soaking through breast pads ;)

  2. your belly is beautiful!!!

    i had no trouble migrating from blogger to WP, i think folks are pretty accustomed to such moves and updating their readers accordingly.

    i have a 3D scan booked for next week too. im super excited :)

  3. I started out at Wordpress and really like it. It's fairly easy to use and customize, even for somebody as technologically illiterate as I am.

    I hope the 3D ultrasound goes well and that you get some good shots!

  4. I doubt you'd lose readers. I always follow people over unless I had already stopped reading them. And, as a WP user, I love when people stop using blogger because it's SO much easier to comment on a fellow WP blog.

    I love the pictures! You look great!

  5. No ideas about changing blogs but agree that I love WP folks, too - blogger comments can be really really terrible at times and I only comment on those blogs when I'm on my desktop. As for the weight gain, MEH, I gained 50 pounds (and have a bunch to lose now) but I was exercising and eating somewhat well, so that's just what my body did. I ignored the care providers when they felt the need to tell me 'you only have X amount to gain for this pregnancy.'

  6. I work in internet marketing and I definitely recommend Wordpress over blogger - it's so much more customisable too! If you're really worried about losing followers, you can set up a 301 redirect - which means that anytime someone tries to go to your old URL, they'll automatically be redirected to your new blog! It's pretty neat, and usually costs around $10. Feel free to drop me an email if you want any advice!


  7. I am in the same boat with weight gain. I'm 32 weeks and I've stopped looking at the scale. When I hit 37lbs gained at just over halfway through the pregnancy I was heartbroken. I thought I'd failed myself and my child. Just look at me, the pregnant lady who clearly ate too much. I'm so big I can't really even exercise at this point. I'm out of breath just walking to meetings. In the pool I dropped from 2100 yds/day+ to less than 500 yds until I had to quit because I'd grown out of my preggo suit and couldn't afford one for just 2.5 months.

    Then I started talking to the women on my mother's side of my family. All of my aunts gained 50+ with their pregnancies, and with some dedication to their physical health they all lost it again afterwards. My mom gained over 60lbs with my brother (he was 10lbs4oz at birth and is 6ft5in now). Having this knowledge completely changed how I feel.

    I now expect to gain at least 60lbs with this little guy. While I don't look at the scale I think it's very likely I'm already at 50lbs, but the weight gain has slowed considerably in the last month. In my family we don't loose the extra weight until we stop breastfeeding (contrary to popular press info about post preggo weight loss) something I was glad to know in advance. Ultimately I know that my love of swimming and my willingness to make friends with Weight Watchers will translate into a return to a reasonable dress size at a reasonable point after Small Fry is born. I feel 1000% better about myself. :)