Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fitness woes

I thought that going to prenatal fitness classes would be something I'd enjoy. I thought I'd meet lots of new friends and feel good about exercising for myself and my baby. I thought I'd feel empowered and energized and proud. 

I hate to say this, but there is very little I actually enjoy about the classes. Yes, the ladies are lovely and I'm sure it's good for me, but it's the last thing I want to do in the evening and unfortunately, I don't leave going "oh, I'm so glad I came."

After class, I don't have the energy to stay and get to know anyone and I just get frustrated during class at all the things I cannot do. Years ago, I was a very good athlete and played soccer, basketball, volleyball and track at a provincial level. Then I got sick, spent four years (in and out) in a psych ward and started smoking. It's been 6 years since I quit smoking, but I never got back into sports and I just get frustrated at my lack of fitness and ability. I'm used to being good at things... not the worst in the class.

I'm hoping this has everything to do with my iron levels and nothing to do with my mood. I'm hoping once my iron levels are back up, I'll feel like I have energy to do anything outside of work and collapsing at home. 

Something has got to give...


  1. No way I was doing anything after a day of work while pregnant. I did get up super early and do prenatal yoga by dvd which was awesome!

  2. It is your iron levels. When they rise so will you. :)

  3. Um, I went to prenatal aquarobics approximately three times while pregnant. It's a lot to ask of yourself on top of everything else your body is doing--if you don't enjoy it, don't force yourself!

  4. Sorry to hear it's not going as well as you had hoped.
    I briefly considered a yoga class or something, but never followed through. Just as well. The days seem to pass too quickly as it is. Maybe I should pick up one of the DVDs Jen used during her pregnancy...
    Sorry. Rambling.
    Hopefully your energy picks up with the supplements and you start enjoying it more soon.

  5. Low iron levels are horrible for energy levels. Due to stomach issues, I've been there before, not to mentioned the general pregnancy exhaustion. The suppliments do help, it can take a couple weeks before you notice the change though.

    Don't let yourself get down on what you can't do, be amazed at what you are doing....creating your baby.

  6. well, I can tell you that I would not even do walks. I was so tired with my last pregnancy... I would look at my partner like she was nuts when she said I should go for a walk. Doing it at night does not help.. all her energy was spent during the day. Can you do one in the afternoon...if that is an option.

  7. I bet you it has everything to do with your iron and energy levels. I go for brisk walks every day (well, ok, some days are far less "brisk" than others), but that's all I can do. I used to run a few times a week and that is DEFINITELY not happening anymore...