Sunday, October 28, 2012

Scary day

I woke up yesterday in a wonderful mood, as it was my first night sleeping with my Snoogle - the best $50 I've ever spent... seriously, this thing is a life-saver. No more pins and needles and tossing and turning.

However, about a half hour after I woke up, I started to get abdominal cramps. They felt like really bad constipation cramps, so I tried to do what I could to get rid of them. Shortly after, they didn't feel like cramps anymore, as they felt like they were getting more and more intense and building up to a pain so bad that I had to consciously breathe through them to get through the pain. 

The scariest thing was that Devon was leaving for the States that afternoon for 8 days and I had to drive her to the border by 3 pm. By one o'clock, I was in tears because of both the pain and also the fear. TMI alert... it didn't feel like constipation for long, as I was back and forth to the bathroom with really loose stools, which didn't bring any relief. 

I pulled out the pregnancy book and read the symptoms for preterm labour, and was having some of them. There was a rhythm to it and they were definitely progressing into something bigger. I was bawling with Dev - feeling bad because of the timing of leaving for her trip and terrified that she had to go and I'd potentially be giving birth to this baby on my own. She was really good with me and basically told me she would cancel her flight if she had to, and that I came first, which of course made me feel better (and worse... because I'm that kind of girl).

I paged my midwife, who called back almost immediately. I explained my symptoms to her and she was worried that it may be preterm labour, considering the cramping would come back strong every 5 minutes or so. However, I didn't think my uterus was getting hard (although I wasn't sure... can you feel that through your skin or is it more of an inner feeling?), it didn't quite feel like menstrual cramps and baby was moving tons, which she took as a good sign. She had me down a ton of water and lay in a bath to see if the pain would subside. It did, thank God. I think the extra water helped too. 

Long story short, the cramps stayed away for the majority of the day and I was able to say goodbye to Devon for the week and know that I was going to be okay. The midwife called to check in later in the afternoon and was happy with the way things were going. She suggested it may have been an intestinal bug of some sort that was bringing on really bad pain. Hell, it may even have been the curry and the sex from date night the night before... though I didn't feel like I needed to mention that :)

Cramps have come back a bit last night and again this morning, but not nearly as painful as they were before and I'm feeling more confident that it has little to do with my baby girl wanting to come early. I think I was more scared than anything else and with Devon leaving, that intensified everything. Today, I have to call my best friend to ask if she'll be "on call" this week in case anything happens, and I have to be okay with the fact that Devon will probably not be able to get back in time. 

And without giving too much of my location away, another scary thing happened yesterday: There was a 7.7 magnitude earthquake off the coast. No damage or anything, but a tsunami warning and the coast shut down. I'm feeling very blessed today that it was far enough away and that nobody got hurt, and that this little baby girl is snug as a bug in my tummy, not going to make her appearance anytime soon.

P.S. Thanks for all of your comments on the last post - your experiences were painfully hilarious to read. Another comment came in last week, when I was chatting to someone about weight gain. At one point she said, "well, you weren't exactly at your 'best' going into this pregnancy". Nice.


  1. dehydration can cause braxton hicks. i was super under-hydrated the one time i got them.

  2. Sounds scary! But the above poster is right: dehydration can often cause BH. Drink lotsa water! Also, you definitely WILL be able to feel a real contraction on the outside. Your stomach will go rock hard and then as they become more intense, you'll even be able to feel the 'split' of your ab muscles on the outside. You'll see.

    I lol'd at the last rude comment you got. But only because I heard something similar on Friday at work. Someone asked me how much weight I've gained and then asked me if my "midwife is okay with that if you keep up at this pace." She closed off with, "I can imagine you've not ever been a fan of exercise." Really. We could write a book full of these awful comments.

  3. You can feel the contractions on the outside as the stomach area does get very, very hard to the touch. I had Braxton hickes my entire pregnancy. Glad the pain eased and so happy that your midwife was right on about her advice and her fast response.

  4. Glad that things are looking better -- I also drank tons of water to keep the BH contractions at bay.

    As for feeling the contractions, you can feel them on the outside usually and can get a good sense of what they feel like by having an orgasm and feeling your stomach immediately after. TMI perhaps, but it will give you a good idea! :)

  5. I can understand your concern and am glad to hear that things seem to be getting better now.

    I've been having BH contractions this week. I don't always notice them (they're not painful), but definitely can tell when feeling my stomach (rock hard). My midwife advised me to make sure I'm resting throughout the day.

  6. Now I'm worried :(

    I hope that everything goes away, you can get some rest, and that the fear and worry subside.

  7. Ugh! That's so scary! My husband just left for Rwanda and won't be back until December 1st. This baby had better stay put until he gets back!!!!