Friday, November 2, 2012

Changes are in the air

Hi y'all...

I'm moving off Blogger. I've actually purchased a custom domain and am currently in the process of moving content and setting up (It's not ready yet, but there you have it). I successfully moved all posts with comments over, but pages never made it over, so I had to rebuild those and none of the comments are there, unfortunately. I also have to rebuild my blogroll, so right now it's just the default. I'll probably change the theme too... basically, it's not ready yet.

The move will give me the freedom to have protected posts (it's built on Wordpress) and I haven't been that happy with the comment issues with Blogger. I can post pics of BoomBoom when she arrives without fear of random people on the internet seeing her, or not-random people I know in real life who I don't necessarily want to know I have a blog.

I plan to set up a redirect once I'll be blogging exclusively from that address (hopefully by the end of the weekend), but wanted to give you a head's up to update your Readers and/or blogrolls.

Be patient with me as I deal with formatting issues and other minor bugs.

See you on the other side!


  1. On a purely selfish note - blogger is so hard to comment on. Looking forward to following.

  2. Hi Lex
    I'm a long time lurker, hopefully you'll consider giving me
    the passcode. My name is Rachelle. I live in Toronto with
    my spouse of 15 yrs Barb.

    My email is