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Feel free to email me at crazylesbianmom(@)gmail(dot)com

Don't be shy.

For various reasons, I have never made reference to specific medications that I take on this blog. If you'd like to ask me what medications I'm on - or any other questions around mental health - please don't hesitate to write me.


  1. How do I follow your blog... I'm new to blogspot and I'd like to read your posts.

  2. Hi Chris. Thanks for your note; I appreciate you coming by. You can follow the blog by email and/or by following in the "gracious followers" section (both at the bottom of the right-hand column). You can also subscribe to the blog via the RSS feed in the top left-hand corner (the orange button). About to check out your blog...

  3. I just want to say I think it is great that you are sharing your experience of trying to become a mother. I just recently started a blog because as for myself as well am a lesbian and I wanted to share our ups and downs of me trying to have a baby. definitely will be following yours post:)