Fertility Acronyms for Dummies

A little while back, I wrote a post on how lost I was with all of the fertility abbreviations and slang, which gave me the idea to create a TTC (trying to conceive) fertility acronym page for dummies. Obviously, this is not an original idea, and I got many of my answers from pages like BabySnark and other fertility sites and forums. I've included some non-LGTB applicable terms, because I'm sure some of the breeders out there need help too!

Please feel free to contact me with any additions, corrections, and such - I'd like this to be a one-stop-shop for people who have no clue what all the jargon means.

Good luck!
Term Definition
- negative test result
+ positive test result
2WW two-week wait (until you can take a preg test)
AF Aunt Flo = menstruation
AHI at-home insemination
AI artificial insemination
AID artificial insemination from donor
AIH artificial insemination from husband
AO anovation
AVA anti-ovarian antibody
AZH assisted hatching
BBT basal body temperature
BCP birth control pills
BD baby dance (sex) or baby daddy
Beta blood pregnancy test
Beta hCG serum pregnancy test
BF, B/F breast-feeding
BFN big fat negative
BFP big fat positive
BG blood glucose
BH Braxton-Hicks contractions
BMS baby-making sex
BOB baby-on-brain, baby-obsessed brain
BSE breast self-exam
BTB break-through bleeding
BW, b/w blood work
CB cycle buddy (shares the same cycle)
CCCT clomiphene citrate challenge test
CD cycle day, usually followed by a number
CD1 cycle day 1 (1st day you get your period)
CF cervical fluid
CL corpus luteum
CM cervical mucous
CNM Certified Nurse Midwife
CO cervical opening
COH controlled ovarian hyper stimulation
CP cervical position
CY cycle
CY# cycle number
D&C dilation and curettage
D&E dilation and evacuation
DD darling daughter
DE donor eggs
DH darling husband
DI donor insemination
DOST direct oocyte-sperm transfer
DP darling partner
DP3DT days past (post) 3-day transfer
DP5DT days past (post) 5-day transfer
DPO days past ovulation
DPO days past (post) ovulation
DPR days past (post) retrieval
DPT days past (post) transfer
DS darling son
DTD do the deed
Dx diagnosis
e2 estrogen (Estradiol)
EB, EMB endometrial biopsy
ecm, ewcm eggwhite cervical mucus (most fertile kind)
EDC expected date of confinement (due date)
EDD estimated due date
endo endometriosis
EPT early pregnancy test
ERT estrogen replacement therapy
ETA embryo toxicity assay
EW eggwhite (re: consistency of cervical mucus)
EWCF eggwhite cervical fluid
FBG fasting blood glucose
Ferning pattern in your saliva = fertile time
FET frozen embryo transfer
FHR fetal heart-rate
FHR follicle stimulating hormone
FM fertility monitor
FMU first morning urine
FP follicular phase
FSH follicle stimulating hormone
FTTA fertile thoughts to all
FUR false unicorn root
FV fertile vibes
GD Gestational Diabetes
GIFT gamete intra-fallopian transfer
GP General Practitioner
GRH gonadotropin releasing hormone
GTT glucose tolerance test
HbA1c glycosylated hemoglobin (glycohemoglobin)
hCG human chorionic gonadotropin (preg hormone)
HCP healthcare practitioner
HPT home pregnancy test
HRT hormone replacement therapy
HSC hysteroscopy
HSG hysterosalpingogram
IBT immunobead binding test
ICI intra-cervical insemination
ICSI intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection
IF infertility
IGTT insulin & glucose tolerance test
IM intra-muscular (injections)
ITI intra-tubal insemination
IUFD intra-uterine fetal demise
IUGR intra-uterine growth retardation
IUI intra-uterine insemination
IVC intra-vaginal culture
IVF invitro fertilization
LAP laparoscopy
LH luteinizing hormone
LM Licensed Midwife
LMP last menstrual period
LP luteal phase
LPD luteal phase defect
LSH low, soft & hard (cervical position)
LSP low sperm count
m/c miscarriage
MF male factor
MIFT micro injection fallopian transfer
MS, m/s morning sickness
NM nursing mom/mother
NP Nurse Practitioner
O, OV ovulation
OB/GYN Obstetrician/Gynecologist
OC oral contraceptives
OCP oral contraceptive pill
OD ovulatory dysfunction
OHSS Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome
O'ing ovulating
OPK ovulation predictor kit
OPT ovulation predictor test
OTC over the counter
p4 progesterone
PA Physician's Assistant
PCAP polycystic appearing ovaries
PCOD Polycystic Ovary Disease
PCO, PCOS polycystic ovaries
PCOS (POS) Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
PCP Primary Care Physician
PCT postcoital test
PG pregnant
PI primary infertility
PID Pelvic Inflammatory Disease
PIH pregnancy-induced hypertension
PMS Pre-menstrual Syndrome
PNM perinatal mortality
POAS pee on a stick
POC products of conception
POF premature ovarian failure
PTL pre-term labour
PUPO pregnant until proven otherwise
RE Reproductive Endocrinologist
RI Reproductive Immunologist
RPL recurrent pregnancy loss
Rx prescription
S sticky (cervical mucous)
S/A sperm/semen analysis
SAHM stay-at-home mom
SAHP stay-at-home parent
SB, s/b stillbirth
SI secondary infertility
SO significant other
TAB taking a break
TESE testicular sperm extration
TL tubal ligation
TR tubal reversal
TTC trying to conceive
Tx treatment
UR Urologist
US or u/s ultrasound
VBAC vaginal birth after cesarean
WAHM work-at-home mom
WAHP work-at-home parent
WBC white blood cells
WNL within normal limits
ZIFT zygote intrafallopian transfer

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  1. You left off the *footnote RSTIMU (Random Stuff/s?#t That I Made Up. ;)

    I can also offer a few on an actual clinical note, i.e. terms your doctor will use in your chart:

    SAB = Spontaneous Abortion, miscarriage 
    As compared to EAB (elective abortion), not too common in the Lesbian World

    G#P#: G = gravida (the number of times you've been pregnant), P = para (the number of babies you've delivered)

    UPT = urine pregnancy test

    AI = ALTERNATIVE Insemination (some people, namely The Fenway in Boston http://www.fenwayhealth.org/site/PageServer?pagename=FCHC_srv_services_alterninsem, prefer not to refer to it as artificial)

    Hope that helps!

    -Doc, an FP (Family Physician) practicing at a CHC (Community Health Center) in NC (North Carolina) & currently dealing w/ my own LI* (Lifestyle Infertility)...you can learn more at gnomeandfairy.com. And yes, I will be stealing your TTC timeline idea.