Thursday, June 30, 2011

HSG Results

Apparently I have a "good cavity" and my tubes are nice and open :)

Kind of the best compliment I've gotten in a long time.

(From someone other than Devon, of course).

In other news, I asked our RE about doing a BBT chart, and he kind of laughed and said to do it "as an experiment, if [I] want". Not sure where that came from, but experiment I will.

The plan is to do the first insemination(s) without drugs and see how that goes. Has anyone had experience with doing an ultrasound to see when the best time to inseminate is? Sounds like this clinic does it all the time...

August or September - not too far away!


  1. Yes, common practice. No worries and great about the open tubes and good cavity. :)

  2. Most offices do the ultrasounds to see how many eggs are available for release. When we did the last insemination they told me I had 10 eggs that they could see, shortly there after I started to have dreams about being the next octo-mom!

    The process can seem long and daunting. Hang in there it will be all worth it!

  3. It can help to know when the follicles are big enough to help decide the timing. Glad everything is looking good in there!

  4. They also say fertility increases in the 3 months following an gag. Some kind of clearing effect. Time to get on it! :)