Tuesday, August 30, 2011

U/S 2 on CD10

I had my second ultrasound this morning, and it went a lot better than Sunday's in the emotional department. The doc did take his time, on the most part, and was a lot easier to talk to. It could've just been the day on Sunday, though I'm still not convinced, but, as Strawberry said, there is a possibility that I won't even have a need for him after this insem, which would be awesome :) So I'm going to focus on that.

It looks like the insemination will take place either Thursday or Friday. I go in on Thursday morning for another u/s and if I test positive on my OPK tomorrow morning, and if I'm measuring large enough, we'll go ahead with it on Thursday. If not, it will most likely be Friday (CD13). He talked about the possibility of giving me a trigger shot on Thursday, which I know very little about. I mean, I know that it's LH and what it's for, but is it a needle in the stomach?


  1. eek! fingers crossed for a great insem later this week!!

    sorry about the earlier experience with the doc. i hope the rest of the week's appointments go smoother.

    and yes, a trigger shot is a subcutaneous injection in the belly. it isnt too bad.

  2. it's just in your belly chub--ice it beforehand and you won't even feel it--the needle is a tiny little thing. Here's hoping that you won't need to see him again!

  3. Good luck the rest of the week! We'll be thinking of you!

  4. a very VERY tiny needle in the stomach - you barely even feel it.

    Good lukc!

  5. Wow. It could be sooner than later a baby will be making a home in you.

  6. Glad today was better, hope the rest of the week goes well and that you don't need him again!