Thursday, December 2, 2010


I love all of your posts. Like, absolutely love them. I have so much to learn... no really - a bit more to learn than I thought!

Although I'm not yet completely on the true TTC journey (but then, when exactly does that start... with the idea? Decision? Plan? Action?), I am trying to read all about it. Through my blogging friends, I am learning much about fertility and all that goes along with this amazing stage, though with some difficulty.

What the hell do all the acronyms mean? Seriously!

So, this is what I'm proposing. I'm going to read some more, collect some acronyms from other blogs and from you and your comments to this post, and start a "Fertility Acronyms for Dummies" page on my blog, so that people like me - virgins to the TTC life (wrong choice of word?) - can understand what the f*ck you're saying... because I can imagine it's all very important stuff.

And I ain't no dummy. I haz an ed-joo-kay-shion... just not in pregnancy.

But I want to. 

So help me out? We could probably do better than this:


  1. haha - this post made me laugh because when I first started reading blogs I was Googling all of the acronyms and had NO IDEA what anyone was saying!

    Here's a couple of websites that have lists of the acronyms.

    As far as being on this TTC journey - in my opinion you are TOTALLY already on it. You know what you want to do and are doing things to get there. Just because you haven't called up the sperm bank to order your little cryo-tank doesn't mean you aren't TTC!

  2. I LOVE this post! I, too was completely lost when I first started reading - it's like a secret code!

  3. I was going to link a couple acronym dictionaries too - they're definitely out there. I think putting a page up on your site is a great idea. I knwo a couple other bloggers who have them.

    It's all old hat to me now, but I was totally lost when I first started reading too. There are a lot of acronyms. Sorry if I have contributed to any confusion and feel free to ask me to explain things!