Friday, October 7, 2011

Disassociation Rocks

I can't tell you how much I appreciate all of your comments from my last post. Thank you, thank you. Reading them honestly made me change my mindset, and now I'm feeling a lot more confident. 

I have absolutely no early pregnancy symptoms. I don't feel different in any way. And I'm not worrying about it. In fact, I keep forgetting that I'm in the 2WW, which is awesome, actually. I've been busy with work, busy at home, and the fact that I'm either pregnant or not is at the very back of my head. I forgot the other day and almost opened a beer to drink - I'm taking that as good news (thankfully I remembered before I took a sip).

So, I have no idea what will happen. I'm actually thankful that I have no symptoms, because I can't read into them. I'm still not thrilled at how this month has gone... but what can I do, right? 

Another 6 days until we'll test. Now, just trying to figure out how to navigate the wine glass that will be handed to me on Thanksgiving on Sunday.

Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian friends.


  1. Glad your mindset changed. Most people don't know they are pregnant as soon as you will and they have a glass of wine. Not the end of the world.

  2. I say accept the glass of wine and then just have a sip or two (or more if you want) and no one will really notice. Fingers crossed

  3. Still hoping for you!

    Ditto PPs about the wine. People tend to notice whether you're holding a glass or not, not so much whether you're actually drinking any of it. :-)