Friday, March 4, 2011

Another Family

If you don’t know about The Next Family, it’s definitely worth checking out. There are very few sites that I can name that do what it does. It’s a lifestyle site dedicated to the modern family –stories from gay parents, single parents, surrogates, urban city dwellers, and basically everything outside of the dry, “normal” range of relationships and parenthood. They also have a huge resource section that it pretty notable.

I actually wrote an entry for them, and will be writing for them on a frequent basis. The people behind the scenes are awesome, and the folks that write always have some really great stuff to say.

A bit of a shameless plug, but I’m just excited to be part of it... and I think we all need communities like the one they’ve built.

Happy Friday everyone.


  1. Beautiful piece!! Kudos to you for sharing so openly - so brave and so healing all at once. (Also, I had not heard of them, so thanks for the "shameless plug.") :)

  2. I just checked out the site...thanks for posting the link. Your post was very honest and very engaging. I just want to thank you for sharing yourself so openly.

  3. Great entry you wrote for that website. It's so important that more people share their stories like that.