Saturday, July 16, 2011

Come On... Rub One Out, Canada

As I've previously written, I've known about a shortage of sperm in Canada, but I just now found out - and I am SO not exaggerating here - there are currently THIRTY THREE active sperm donors in Canada. 33. Like, Jesus's age when he died 33. Like not even anywhere close to triple digits 33. And again, I've already noted that Canada only one sperm bank in this entire country.

Buying anonymous sperm has just become illegal where I live as a result of a 29-year-old woman who has been fighting to find out about her donor father, and who argued that provincial laws "discriminate against the offspring of anonymous sperm and egg donors because, unlike adopted people, they have no right to know their origins or prevent the destruction of records that would help identify their biological parents." Fair enough, and I understand that argument. I really do. I would rather use a willing-to-be-known donor.

However, ALL of the 33 active donors in Canada are currently anonymous. So that brings us down to a whopping 0 available donors. The new law hasn't yet kicked in but will within the next year and a half. The one sperm bank does import sperm from two US banks (at a heftier price) so we do have a bit more to choose from, and I'm hopeful we will find one that fits us.

It has just got me thinking about donors and how we need to encourage young men to think about an altruistic action that will change the lives of many. There are some men who are against having a biological child out there in the world who doesn't "belong" to him, and I get that, I really do. But there has to be some - especially more than 33 - who want to help families become families, just because it's an amazing gift. I don't even know whether people outside of Toronto (where the sperm bank is situated) can donate at all...

Part of me wants to speak with my brothers, their friends, my male friends, and any male who will listen, about the NEED to donate their goods. But I am so not that person... I am not vocal and I'm not an in-your-face kind of gal. But if someone like me - who needs this very thing to fulfill a dream - can't speak out, then who will?


  1. Good point. Also I am sure there is someone out there who has extra sperm from their donor and has decided not to use it. Heather on our TNF sold off the ones they were no longer using. See where she found the donors and ask around.

  2. Wow. I'm (kind of) amazed to find out there are only 33 active donors in Canada. We bought U.S. sperm through a Canadian bank. It wasn't crazy expensive and it's definitely nice to have more options when trying to select a donor.

  3. This sucks, for sure. I guess it's the tradeoff for not having to pay for it, although I guess I'd rather pay than choose from such a limited supply. Is it possible for you to buy US sperm and store it until you need it?

  4. Oh - no no no.. Canadian sperm is not free! You just can't buy in certain provinces... But if you want one of the 33 Canadian boys, it still comes at a high price!

  5. 33 donors?! That is crazy. Most sperm banks here have more than 33 donors each! I heard about the new law and feel like there should be some sort of compromise - maybe donors willing to release additional information at some point in the future (age 18 or 21 or something)... Hope you are able to find a donor you like.

  6. 33...that's jaw-dropping. I don't know what the process is to donate sperm in Canada, but now I'm really curious. We must have thousands of donors available in the US. I hope one of our banks is able to help you out.