Friday, July 15, 2011

Hot and Cold

So my first cycle with the BBT monitoring was an epic fail, though I'm not discouraged quite yet. My own damn fault, really. I started taking my temperature every morning at 4 am (only because this is consistently one of the times I get up to pee in the night, and I didn't want to take it an hour or two later, if I'd already been out of bed). My first mistake was using a thermometer with no back light – not great for reading in the dark. Duh. My second mistake was being too eager and taking the thermometer out before it was time. My third mistake was trying to switch thermometers halfway through and ending up with three thermometers in my bedroom - only one of which (the original) works. I swear, I'm cursed when it comes to buying new ones: they work fine in the store, and then when I take them home, they're dead. Gotta do some returns.

I actually got a bit concerned because all of the charts that you can download had temperatures starting in the 97s… and I was coming in at about 96.2, consistently. At least I was consistently wrong…? Patience is a virtue, and certainly not my strong suit.

I've also been tracking my cervical fluid as best I can. Despite my temperatures being wildly inconsistent, I did get a good idea of my cycle just by being more aware of things. It was actually quite incredible pretty much knowing when I was ovulating because I'm paying attention. Ohhhh, you mean that feeling every month isn't just gas? Who knew??

Although I've entered the temperature data in Fertility Friend, I think I might discard them all and start again brand new. I don’t want the data to screw up my true cycle info.

Overly eager and making a ton of mistakes. At least I’m learning, right?


  1. Get a basal thermometer or one that measures big and clear only like 100 and down. Also, take it when you first wake up before you have gotten out of bed. Isn't this fun?

  2. I use a thermometer with memory. I am still in bed when I take my temp so I don't even look at it when I take it. When I get up, I'm able to push the button and it briefly (very, very quickly) shows the saved temp from when I took it earlier. You might try finding one of those to deal with the back lighting problem. I got mine at Target.