Friday, July 22, 2011

One Hundred

Is it ironic that I'm publishing my 100th blog post and my news today is that we have our psych evaluation at the clinic booked?

I think so.

Can a counselor who has one hour to decipher whether we are fit to be parents really all that helpful? I know some of you have had the psych evals at your respective clinics, so if anyone has any "head's up" info, that would be great.

Both Devon and I am pretty good about being open but knowing when to draw the line. I think as long as we're honest about my past and show that this is a different time and a different place (and that I am a very different person), we should be okay. That said, I've been reading a blog where the two women went in for a psych eval and were essentially turned away because the bio mom had mental health issues as a teenager. Seriously? It broke my heart. They are now working happily with another clinic, but the whole experience would have been awful. Part of me is petrified that it will happen to us.

I guess I understand the need for a professional counselor at a place where babies are (hopefully) being introduced into the world, but part of me thinks that if you end up at clinic, you've definitely thought things through. I don't know anyone who would want to spend a crapload of money on a kid they don't want. Then again, there's the case of the Octomom. Huh. Okay, I guess it's important.

After the psych eval, we see a nurse to go over the logistics of how we get the sperm to the clinic, etc. and any other pertinent information.

And then? Then we start!

It's crazy to think that I only have ONE more cycle before this thing goes full tilt - finally! In all honesty, I haven't been looking forward to my 100th post, because when I started writing this blog, I assumed that I'd be posting a picture of my baby - or at the very least a positive pregnancy test - for my 100th post. We decided to have this baby in 2009. It may take two years or more to get pregnant. It feels sometimes that this process has already taken so long, with all the med changes, family uncertainties, home stuff, relationship stuff... I hope so much for the actual TTC to be quick and speedy, but I know enough that I can't count on it.

At least when it finally does get here, the baby will know how very wanted s/he is.

Appointment at the top of August. Wish us luck.


  1. It will go well. If they need a reference I will gladly send one.

  2. Madgew, i agree with you reference is the best option to get in that situation.

    Sample Evaluation

  3. Good luck!

    We have our final doctor's appointment before we start on Monday. Here's hoping all goes well for us both!