Thursday, September 29, 2011

And Without Drugs To Boot!

So, I went in for another ultrasound this morning and I will not be ready for the IUI for another few days.

I was looking at and speaking to the doctor when the nurse starting saying "Ooooh, Lex!!!" and pointed at the ultrasound screen.

Looks like TWO eggs are maturing quite nicely... and the nurse started talking about how it will be such a blessing if we had twins. Doctor kept saying, "This is a natural cycle, right? Wow..."

I think I mumbled "Dear God" under my breath, but then I started beaming.

Twins or not, I suppose this will up our chances this month for at least one baby!

Anyone else have two mature follicles going into an IUI? With or without Clomid. Anyone got a stat for me? ;)


  1. I never got the kind of monitoring you have, but that sounds awesome! Double your chances!

  2. Our friends over at 2moms2dogs2babies had that happen (no drugs). They have four month old fraternal twin girls. :)

  3. Nice!! Can't hurt, might help, right?!

    I wrote a long comment on your last post but blogger ate it and I didn't have time to write it again on the spot (running to a meeting - don't tell my boss), but the nutshell version is that my cycle was like clockwork for YEARS... until the month before we started TTC. Something about the watched pot, I guess. Glad to hear it looks like you might coast through the weekend and not have to deal with the inconvenient circumstances you were concerned about. Looks like everything is lining up nicely! Woot!